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CSS Spice is a Chrome extension that helps you copy the CSS of a website with a single click. Say goodbye to checking styles and hello to CSS Spice.

Inspect CSS Faster

You like a button on a website and you want to use it on your own website, so you speak to a hacker friend to get the code for you or you inspect the element with 17 clicks and 13 keyboard shortcuts and you waste 35 minutes of your life.

Or you use CSS Spice:

Hover over the element you think looks spicy
Click your mouse (or touchpad) once
Paste that code into your text editor
Now you can wipe away your tears
How it works

Click, Edit, Save Time



Click on any element you think looks good and celebrate because you've just copied the CSS.



Hit space bar to pin the code and edit any element LIVE. WOW. You're welcome.


Save Time

Not only will you save time, but you'll look cool doing it (as long as you like curry).


Afraid of the dark?

The rumor is true. If you're afraid of the dark, you can switch between Dark Mode and Light Mode (for free).

But why would you do this?

Good question. We want to help those with Nyctophobia to conquer their fears. So we think of it as giving back. Please help us with our cause.

Isn't darkness just the absence of light?

That’s correct, but let’s not get technical.

How much does this extension cost?

That all depends on how much you like curry. More info below.

Choose your payment

Select between Curry or Yoghurt
Curry Yoghurt
The Spice
1x Lifetime licence for CSS Spice
The Yoghurt
1x Lifetime licence for CSS Spice
Yoghurt Factory
It seems you would like to add too much yoghurt to your curry. You are therefore penalized and will need to pay $1,999,90 more.
Yoghurt Investor
It seems you do not like curry. You are therefore not allowed to purchase CSS Spice.

But wait… there’s more!

Buy one license for the price of two, and get one free.

Call now to grab this deal!



Google Chrome Extension

CSS Spice only works on Chrome for now. We might add functionality for Safari and others at a later stage depending on the demand for it.

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